It's important for a photographer to be a good listener. To set his ego aside and to view the results from the client's point of view. Every photo shoot needs to be unique--targeted completely towards the clients wishes. In order to do the ultimate job, the photographer needs to be aware of what these are before shooting.
What is the purpose of the shoot? How will the photos be used? What is the story the client wants to tell about his/her business, and his/her animals? What does he/she consider the most special about them?
In today's world all successful photos need to stand out from the fray. None the less different purposes require different styles and points of view.  Prints to hang on the wall needs a slightly different style and execution than show and advertising photography.
Whereas wall hanging, gifts,  greeting cards, and facebook do well with an artsy taste, show photos and those for advertising are required to be more conventional. 
 More than one purpose can obviously be covered in one shoot. But it is important to be aware beforehand so that every desired base is covered.

Having spent the better part of a life time breeding and training Icelandic Horse, the breed is of course my favorite.  But the  one  thing I enjoy the most about being retired from active breeding is being able to take the time to enjoy all breeds and horse activities. None the less my extensive understanding of horse movement and gaits have given me the capability of  being fast on the trigger and easily catching the most intriguing moments.
Because each photo shoot is unique, my favorite option is to offer custom packages where the client can receive exactly the services they need.
Get a discount by combining your shoot with those of one or more friends.

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